Starting at the Beginning

It’s a new year, filled with endless possibilities and all those possibilities can be extremely overwhelming when you look at them all at once. You probably have been looking back at your last year and realizing all the things you would like to see change in 2015 and you will start changing them ALL today right?


If you try to change everything today, you will fail and end up feeling the same way you did yesterday. I don’t want to see that happen to you or me (for that matter). Being truthful with where you are and creating realistic expectations for yourself is KEY!!!

A goal that I have set for myself for many, many years is to drink more water. The problem with that goal is that I REEEAAALLLLYYYY dislike it. Over the last 3 months, I have gotten better but I am no where near drinking the amount of water that I should be. You might be asking why…and i will tell you 🙂
I would drink water and my body would be a like a sponge because it needed it so badly and that pesky scale would go up and my mind would say…water is making you heavier! Now is that the truth, initially yes, it was because my body NEEDED water. If I had just continued to drink it consistently, my body would have equalized and that initial water weight would have come off, but I had to start being CONSISTENT with my water intake.

It is possible to give up your drink of choice that you depend on. Mine was Diet Coke and I drank about 8-10 cans A DAY! Now, I quit cold turkey and I would not recommend doing that. I would suggest substituting a glass of water for ONE of your drinks a day for the first 4 days. Then switch out 2 for the next 4 days and so on. Your body needs to be trained to do what you want it to and it will rebel. If your drink of choice is highly caffeinated, you will go through a withdrawl if you take it all away at once. You will have headaches and crave it. Caffeine is a highly effective, legal drug and so many people are extremely addicted. But remember, we are starting with the basics and drinking water is a highly effective way for you to see changes in your health going into this new year.


Some benefits of drinking water are:

-Water is KEY for fat loss
-Our brains are 90% water and our bodies are 70% water.
-Water is proven to increase energy and relieve fatigue (who doesn’t want that?)
-Water helps with concentration and focus
-Water removes the by-products of fat, reduces eating intake (by taking up space in your stomach if consumed before your meal), and reduces hunger.
-Water has been proven to increase metabolism and has ZERO calories!
-Water flushes out the toxins and other stuff that you don’t want to keep in your body.
-Water improves skin complexion
-Water maintains regularity
-Water benefits kidney function- each day our kidneys process 200 quarts of blood by sifting out waste and transporting urine to our bladder. By giving your body plenty of water, you make their job easier!
-Water has been proven to boost immunity!
-Water is a Natural Headache remedy
-Water can prevent cramps and sprains by keeping joints well lubricated and muscles more pliable.

Did one of the benefits jump out at you? Did you say, I want that?? The one that sticks out to me the most is that water helps with concentration and focus. I can always use more focus!

So…just to recap! Day1 of our 365 day journey and we are going to replace ONE drink today with water! Not every drink, although if you are already a water drinker you are my hero, but just one for the next 4 days!

Do you have Facebook or Instagram? I would love to see your water pictures and it will help us stay accountable! Tag me (Jama Kyle) in your photos on Facebook and on Instagram (@runcrazykyle) let’s use the Hashtag #faithfulh2o this way I can find your photos easily! Another great idea is to invite your friends and family to join in with you. There is nothing more difficult than trying to make a certain change and having to watch everyone around you be drinking what you are trying to give up. TELL THEM what you are doing and ask them to join you. Small changes over time will lead to great results!

Let’s drink our H2O and start this year off right!


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