When you make changes in your life and you  continue to make them even though you may not be able to see them… They are there. Last summer, I decided to commit to finishing every Beachbody program that I started… I did 2 rounds of Focus T25, I did the 21 day fix and then I was stuck. I love Shaun T, his energy makes me want to MOVE, so when Insanity Max:30 was announced I was excited (nervous, but excited). I had seen my husband do Insanity and knew that it was just a bit too intense for me.
Max 30 came, I started and it was HARD! Every single day from the first time I pushed play was hard. I worked out through Christmas, I worked out through traveling, I worked out 30 minutes a day. When you see yourself every day, you don’t see the small changes. You just do the work. Was my nutrition on point- NO! I wasn’t ready then to portion it out (which is highly important because nutri to run for HOURS with no results, although when you are running for that long you “feel” like you should be eating all the food as a reward which isn’t the case either. I digress…
I was feeling blue about having to not attend the Goofy Challenge and I decided to go get my hair done… Always a spirit lifter right? I knew that I would have to put on my jeans (I never wear them!). I go to a salon where it’s really not acceptable to arrive in your gym clothes and I was nervous to put my jeans on. I knew that I have gained some muscle and I was so scared that they were going to be tight… And they weren’t. image
My jeans were loose and not just a little. I didn’t see the change but the change is apparent by those crazy jeans. The amazing thing is that the scale has not moved. You know I have issues with the scale and I dread getting on them… If it’s too low then I worry that I am getting too extreme, if it’s too high I want to just punish myself and limit my food and it lies… It really does.

But the jeans,thy don’t lie!

I am constantly shocked that my body can do the things I am forcing it to do. That my waistline is more toned and defined after 30 DAYS (which I never would have thought possible after 3 kids!) That I am stronger and leaner than I ever have been without hurting myself in the process!
Change is happening but maybe you are just too close to the situation to see it!
I am proud of the hard work I have put in over the last 30 days. I begin the month 2 workouts on Monday (and yes I am nervous!) but I know I will make it through, I will give it my all and if I can do it… So can YOU!

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