Do you really want to change the world?


This weekend I had to opportunity to attend one of Beachbody’s regional events called Super Saturday. These events are held all over the country and I was lucky enough that I had one 10 minutes from my house.
I was very nervous because I was going by myself and situations where I have to social can be awkward for me.
I pulled up and gave myself a little pep talk and walked inside. I think when you try new things, you really just have to keep telling yourself what you want to believe, so I just kept saying- you are confident!! Ha!
I was really looking forward to the training video and hearing about all the new products! But when it started and people started sharing their stories, I was overwhelmed with emotions!!
I know that I can come across sometimes as intimidating and I have really been working on that. I am introverted and I don’t want people to think I don’t like them just because I’m shy at first!
So…. The people who spoke were FREAKING AMAZING!!!! image.


I  didn’t become a coach to make millions – I know that in the future that is a very real possibility but that isn’t why I chose to become a coach. If it’s your reason then that is awesome but it wasn’t mine. I became a coach to help people feel like they aren’t alone. We moved away from everything and everyone I knew and for all intensive purposes I was alone. I had my family (hubs and kids) but I felt like I was on Mars when we moved here. Part of it was definitely my perception of the people who live here and part was my unfair bias but I was not happy and I felt like no one could possibly understand. When I found started FocusT25! I went through it by myself. I didn’t know that there were challenge groups to help keep me accountable and encourage me when I didn’t “want to” workout. I didn’t know there were groups where I could learn about how to eat clean and fuel my body with better options than Diet Coke and Cheddar popcorn (true story!) I felt like I had to do everything on my own and since I didn’t know anyone, I was lonely (by my choice). So, when I decided to finally take the plunge and become a Beachbody coach it was for that reason… To help people know that there is at least one person who really wanted to help them- not because you are a sale but because you are a soul!! I’m sharing this today because I don’t want anyone to feel like they have to do this alone! Change is hard! I’m learning how to “eat clean” and it’s HARD!! The easy route of prepackaged meals and drive thrus are what I have known and that’s on me! I have been too lazy to learn about choosing what to eat and when there are so many easier ways is a fall back for me but with change there is struggle. Don’t take the easy way!!! Just know you aren’t alone in your struggles and that there are people (perfectly good strangers even) who truly care about you 🙂 I choose to change daily! Every day I wake up and focus on the things that I know I need to be better at. Somedays go better than others and there are plenty of days where I still feel alone but it’s one of the reasons I LOVE social media so much! Anytime I start feeling like no one understands, I click on my Instagram and comment on someone else’s picture- I offer some type of motivation or just a note of encouragement – even though I don’t “know” them, I relate to them and by doing that I don’t feel so alone:) We all have a bigger purpose and I don’t want anyone to feel like they aren’t important or that they don’t matter. Even though we may have never meet in person- you matter to me! I know that I can’t change the world, but I can sure try to 🙂


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