Humbled-Max Out Power


You think you know… You think you push.. And then you find out what pushing really is! I am humbled, that’s the only way to describe how I feel a after today’s max out power. I have never once contemplated quiting. Not when running for 4+ hours but after 7 minutes of this workout, I seriously contemplated turning it off. I was tired from the previous day, and around minute 7 my legs were about ready to give out on me! I was so proud of myself last week for getting to 30 minutes and I couldn’t get past 7!

In these moments you really start to question your ability to push through. I looked at my computer and was so happy when he finally said it was time for push-ups. Me, I was so happy to sit down and do push-ups. These workouts are meant to test your strength and you will! No matter what I will NOT give up. I absolutely LOVE the ab segment! When I first started doing at home workouts, we would get to the ab portion and they would say tighten your abs and I would think ” what are they talking about, I don’t have any”. You do though, even if they are buried right now, they are in there just waiting for you to do the work to set them free!!

It takes WORK!

I know you don’t want to hear that because it requires action and time but if you really want to see some changes you have to do some work. I’m not telling you to go to the gym every day and spend 3 hours lifting weights and then another hour running on the treadmill, because who really has time to do all that? I sure don’t. But if you consistently put in the time DAILY… Your body and your mind will start to change. Changing the way you think is way harder than changing the way your body handles the stress you place upon it. Muscle matters and I never truly understood that before. I just thought that if I was thin enough then I would look ok. I have to say that once I started to gain muscle (not weight!) that my mindset towards myself began to change. Bring on tomorrow because I survived today!

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