Insanity Instructor- ✅



This last weekend, I really stepped out of my comfort zone and went to New York to get certified to teach Insanity.

Fun fact… I had never done the original insanity. Fun fact #2… I had never been to a group exercise class before in my life.

I have never been what some would call coordinated (at all). I’m the person who when they say move left, I go right but I totally fell in love with Insanity Max:30 and I felt pretty confident that I could make it through the training so I signed up and went to New York. My mantra for this certification was… Just make it through and you know what? I didn’t just make it through- I loved every second of it. When I originally signed up, I was super excited because the instructor was going to be Danielle Katz, who is a master trainer and expert on Insanity formats. She is a kick butt Beachbody coach but she is an EXPERT on teaching Insanity!!
This means that short of Shaun T being there to teach me… Danielle is the BEST!

Not only did we have Danielle there to impart all of her knowledge but where Danielle goes, Darren goes and so we got to have the knowledge of two master insanity trainers!
That’s kind of intimidating for a person who has never done insanity- right?!??
So, everyone shows up at the location and we sit in a circle and we all start saying who we are and where we are from… And the first 5 people to introduce themselves were in the Insanity Max:30 test group – oh ok. The next 4 people , they were in he insanity and insanity max DVD’s – what?!?!? Apparently I had fallen into Insanity Royalty and I need to catch up!!
The class overall was super informative and I learned a ton about the Insanity Brand. Then… It was time to workout.
So, Danielle started previewing the moves for the round we will be doing in the class and she says – “oh wow this one is hard, WOW, this is really HARD!”
As a newbie… I was scared but I KNEW I just had to make it through. Could I do every move??? No, so I modified! I concentrated on doing good form instead of trying to “keep up” with all of these Insanity Pro’s that were getting certified.. JUST LIKE ME!
I truly feel like doing the Beachbody programs has not only made me a stronger person on the outside but they have done more work on my insides! The confidence I have gained is AMAZING!!!

Sigh…I digress…
I made It through the workout!! ME! The person who had never done insanity or been to a group exercise class. And when it came time in our small group to teach our section- I did pretty good (if I do say so myself).


I have to practice and I have to learn but I WILL teach insanity in the near future – I can tell you that with full confidence because if there is one thing I have learned being a Beachbody coach it is how to set goals and meet them!
So who is ready to go Insane with me?? It was one of the best days of my life and I wish I could bottle up the feelings from that day and give it away to people!!
I can- come to a class with me!!!!! I can’t wait to start teaching and it boggles my mind that a year ago, this wasn’t even a dream of mine. What this whole experience has taught me is to be open minded!! Don’t judge a program before you actually try it first and even though it’s the “hardest workout ever made” it is the most rewarding one as well!! I am certifiably Insane – it’s official now!!



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